Ramin A. Behmand, MD, FACSDiplomate, American Board of Plastic Surgery Bay Area Rhinoplasty Specialist

Financing Options

If you are looking to make payments towards surgery, we have already done the research for you. For your convenience, our office accepts two types of financing and have listed their information below. If you have difficulty applying online, please feel free to call each company directly so that an operator may help you.


We are pleased to offer CareCredit as a source to make payments towards the cost of your surgery for up to 36 months. In order to see if you qualify for the CareCredit program, you can apply online or over the phone and usually only takes a couple of minutes. Once approved, you will receive an account number which you can begin using immediately before you receive your card in the mail.


Alphaeon Credit

We also work closely with Alphaeon Credit. Alphaeon Credit works with patients of all credit histories and offers a range of options that may fit your specific situation. Patients are able to make installment payments for up to 36 months and if you have poor or little credit history, Alphaeon Credit may be able to help you.