Ramin A. Behmand, MD, FACSDiplomate, American Board of Plastic Surgery Bay Area Rhinoplasty Specialist

Secondary Rhinoplasty

Revision rhinoplasty or secondary rhinoplasty surgery is much more elaborate than a primary or initial rhinoplasty procedure. Special care is taken to realign the fragile nasal bones in a way that the functionality and shape is restored after a previous surgery or injury. Adjustments made to the nose are very detailed and precise, which is why a secondary procedure is often more involved in the presence of scar tissue and previous alterations. At times, a secondary or revision rhinoplasty may be minor in nature and geared toward correction of small flaws. Alternatively, more significant problems may exist with a previously injured or operated on nose, requiring both cosmetic and functional correction. While the goal of rhinoplasty surgery, and especially secondary rhinoplasty, is to help improve the appearance or performance of the nose, it is important to remember that perfection may not be achieved.

Dr. Ramin Behmand specializes in secondary and tertiary revision rhinoplasty surgeries. A nose that has been previously operated on or injured may not have adequate tissue and structural support, lacking internal cartilage for ideal aesthetic and functional reconstruction. Common alternative cartilage sources for a revision and reconstructive rhinoplasty are ear and rib cartilage. When soft tissue and skin augmentation is required, regenerative tissue matrix, such as AlloDerm® may be utilized. Because each patient is unique and has different needs and expectations, it is best to make an in office consultation with Dr. Behmand to determine whether or not you may be a candidate for revision surgery.